Who Are These People


So back in October of 2006 my husband and I got a roommate. He’s a handful. We’re always having to take care of him, I have to fix him all of his meals because he can’t cook, he doesn’t contribute anything financially, and if we want to go out or something we have to take him with us because he’s not mature enough to be left in the house alone.

See?  Doesn't have enough sence to come in out of the rain.

See? Doesn't have enough sence to come in out of the rain.

And I couldn’t possibly love him more. This kid is so freaking awesome! He has become more picky as the time has gone by, but still has a rather sophisticated pallet. He eats Indian, Greek, Italian, and is usually willing to try what we put in front of him. Most milestones he has hit on his own. He took himself off of a bottle, we had very few issues weaning him off of anything.  He’s incredibly social and is usually incredibly laid back. Nothing seems to phase this kid. He also has fantastic rhythm already. One of the guys my husband drums with got Ash a small dumbek (drum) for his birthday, and he love to beat on the thing. And usually keeps some semblance of rhythm as he does it.

I promise I’ll try not to be one of those mommy bloggers who talks about nothing but their kids, but I’m rather proud of him.

Ash has his very own flicker page at Eyes Of A Toddler. These are the photos he takes with his own camera.


We have a second room mate.  She moved in late 2009 and is one of the most demanding creatures I’ve ever met.  It’s good that she’s so cute, because I’m not sure she’d get away with it otherwise.  She’s sweet, makes everyone melt when she giggles, and has just about her entire family wrapped around her finger (especially her grandpas).  She’s smart, and is learning about her world at an alarming rate.  I’m just wondering how long it will be before this child takes over the world.


I’m married.  I know, you’re all horribly disappointed.  You’ll get over it.  He is a rare breed of spaz monkey (which only means that Ashton comes by it very naturally).  Last night he proved this to be painfully true.

Last night was New Years Eve.  We went to a party where I was not able to drink, and I guess that Aaron decided to take full advantage of a designated driver.  He got into The Punch.  There was no coming back.

I tell you all of this because this is the epitome of my husband.  I need you to imagine him, his long hair down and loose around his shoulders, with a party horn in his mouth, jumping from foot to foot in some weird little dance.  That pretty much sums it up right there.

No, I did not shove the horn up his ass.  Yes, I did consider it.

Aaron can be found on twitter at @McNewts


This is one of my bestest friends and my partner in crime in so many ways.  We work together on OMGFriday (well, I appear and have creative imput, she does most of the work).  We sometimes sing together with the Drunken Damsels (when the damsels are working).  We also make hula hoops together and have hopes of someday selling them together.   She is awesome and funny and brilliant and all things wonderful.  She sings, knits, hoops, and spreads her addictions like wildfire.  I love her to pieces!

Her personal blog is Swampwaterdebutante.

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