We’ve Done it Again

So my bestest friend Lissa and I have started a video blog.  The very first episode will go up tomorrow, at some point.  If I can find out what time she wants to put it up I’ll start a count down on twitter or something.

Basically it’s the two of us acting like we’re being tacky and catty bitches.  So a standard Friday night for us.  We’re hoping that other people think it’s as funny as we do, but who knows.  So far it seems to be the main segment (whatever main thing we’re doing that week), some footage of Aaron doing whatever he wants, and Twitter Time.  Twitter time is where we answer questions or take requests from Twitter.  This started because of someone named Josh Cagan* asking us about donkey punching.  Really, watch the episode tomorrow and you’ll understand.

So you can find this amazing train wreck over at Oh My God Friday.**

I will be adding it to my blog roll list so it will be easy for everyone to find.  Check us out.  Give us your support.  Tell us when we’re being stupid.  Give us ideas to talk about.  And for the love of God feed our desperate need for attention!!! (We’re a little silly)

*Look!  Bold print!  That means you should click on it!

** Bold means click.  And you should check us out.  Really.  We’re funny.  We laugh all the time.


I did something silly

Do you all remember a while back that I talked about how nice it would be to have a place to hide out on the Internet, where no one would know who I was and I could post anything I wanted?  Well the idea turned out to be too tempting.  I started a twitter with an anonymous name.  At first it was great!  I could get on there and talk about anything I wanted.  No one would ever be offended.  No one would ever get upset.  No one was supposed to ever know.

This was my therapy.  I would post anything that was troubling me.  Usually these posts were made when my emotions were heightened by some stress or another, and much more dramatic sounding then they ever were in real life.

A few nights ago we celebrated Aaron’s birthday with a few friends.  I got very impressively drunk.  Apparently I got onto the anonymous twitter and started posting some things that were easily recognizable.  I also told someone at the party about it (possibly more than one, but she’s all I remember).  This sort of destroys the aspect of anonymity.

I woke up the next day and saw the things I posted.  I remembered telling someone that it existed.  I instantly pulled it down.  It is now deleted and impossible to access.  No, I will never go into detail about what was posted there.  No, I will never tell anyone the specific name.  All I can say is I’m sorry.  I don’t know why I felt the need for that kind of secrecy.  I had never really used a private diary and I guess this was my substitute.  It’s about as public as you can get, but no one needed to know who it was.

Hiding On The Internet

So I set up this new blog last night and I’ve started wondering if I did the right thing. Not about setting up the blog itself, that I don’t have issue with. The question is whether I made it too easy to find. It’s fairly obvious to anyone who knows me who’s blog this is.

This is a blog about me. I will not use pseudonyms. I will not mask anything. If I talk about you here, I will name names. That isn’t to say that I’m going to talk trash about everyone here, not at all. If there is someone frustrating me or something I need to get off my chest then I probably won’t say who it is, just describe the situation. If you see yourself talked about here in that way then that’s your problem, not mine.

And this brings me to the point. I wonder if I shouldn’t start a blog that no one knows about. That no one will ever know about. Where I can say exactly what’s on my mind and no one can get mad at me because it’s completely anonymous. I get tired of having to watch what I say on the internet sometimes. I get tired of people starting drama because I voiced an opinion. I have a journal where I can get away with some stuff, but there are still people who read that and it can easily come back to haunt me if I say the wrong thing. It would just be nice to have a place where I didn’t have to edit or censor myself.

It wouldn’t last. I know me. I’d let it slip that it exists, or want to show someone something I wrote about some situation or other, and the next thing I’d know everyone would be getting on to me about the things I said about… whatever.

It’s a bad idea. I’d never go through with it. But it’s still tempting.