Silly Conversations

Aaron’s reaction to losing an argument: “Oh yeah?  Well you’re just still upset that a house fell on your sister.”

I was a little confused and disturbed about this statement.  So I responded with, “So I’m Elphaba now?  Maybe I should be mad that someone dropped a house on my sister.  Or more importantly, maybe I’m upset that someone used my sisters tragic demise to try to gain a political foothold and enslave and manipulate my people.  Did you ever think of that?  Maybe I’m just frustrated and tired of being profiled because I have an unfortunate skin condition and a severe allergic reaction to water.  And maybe, just maybe, you’d be a little grumpy too.  I’m not a wicked witch, I’M A POLITICAL ACTIVIST!!!”

Aaron just stared at me for a few minutes.  “You know?” he finally said, “That insult was a whole lot funnier before Wicked came out.”

Later on, Aaron was playing this zombie game that he’s found online.  I was ready to start another episode of Dexter, and I was waiting on him.

“Are you in there shooting zombies again?  That’s just so rude.”

“What?  I’m just sitting in my house, chilling, and these zombies come banging my door down!  What am I supposed to do?”

“You don’t even give them a chance!  You have no idea what it is they need.”

“They’re banging down my door!”

“And your automatic response is to shoot them.  You don’t even try to talk to them, do you?  Didn’t even occur to you, did it?”

*Stares in disbelief for a few seconds* “I’m just sitting there and they come banging down my door and come at me and I’m all like ‘Whoa, guys, lets talk about this’ and they keep coming and I’m all ‘look back up and lets talk or I’ll have to shoot’ and they don’t and so I have to shoot them.  It’s not like I want to.”

“Well, maybe it’s just a language barrier.  You simply don’t understand each other and you aren’t even willing to try!”

“I’m sorry, I don’t speak “Uuungh!”

Yeah.  That’s how my night has been.

There was another funny conversation in there somewhere, but I don’t remember it.  Maybe I’ll tweet it later.

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