My Heart Will Go On

The good news is that I was not slaughtered in my sleep shortly after Thanksgiving.  I have been alive and well.  The bad news is that I’m lazy and forgetful and when something happens in my life it doesn’t even occur to me to tell you about it here.  I’ll throw a little blurb up about it on Facebook, and be done with it.  If it is too long for Facebook, I think “I guess I could blog about it,” and then something shiny gleams off in the distance and I wonder off distracted.  So here’s a drive by update…

Christmas Hafla was wonderful and exciting.  I messed up at least one part of every routine I was in.  It irked me.  Everyone else did beautifully, though.

Christmas was exhausting.  We drove to Norman, OK, came home, and drove down to Beaumont, TX all within a week.  Because we’re not very bright, I guess.

Since then there have been random gatherings, haflas, and other small events that are of no interest to you.  At some point (probably years from now when I remember again) I’ll tell you about our adult trip to Disney World, which was wonderful.

Scarborough Faire started this weekend.  I’m not dancing at all this year, but I’ll enjoy going out to play.  Aaron will be on the Ivanho stage a few weeks to drum for the belly dancers.

Every once in a while I think about getting a private blog somewhere and putting my private thoughts there.  Somewhere that is just mine, where no one else can find it.  Where I can post whatever I want and no one can complain.  This way I can get things out of my system, without the fallout of exploding at people.  But it would never last.  I’d eventually have to tell someone about it, and then the whole thing would fall apart and I’d have to give it up.  I’m only good at secrets for a short period of time.

So I’m still breathing, the kids are still doing well, and I owe you a post about Disney World.  That about sums it up.

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Gift Ideas For Nothing In Particular

I’m posting this for a few reasons.

A. For my own amusement.

B. Because someone will inevitably ask what I want.

C. Because I want all of these links and ideas in one spot and this seemed fairly easy.

So feel free to ignore this post if you like.  It is not me asking for gifts.  No one has to get me anything!   I promise, I won’t be sad if you don’t get me something.  I wasn’t planning on getting you anything either.  Unless I was, in which case, ignore that last sentence.  You know what?  Just forget it.

1. I want a pocket belt.  Not a fanny pack, but a belt with pockets on it.  Some examples here. Happy Cow Travel Belt, Black Pocket Belt.

2. I would like a pastry knife/ cutter.

3. A 25 Yard Cotton Skirt I really like the black one.  The green one is nice too.

4. A gift certificate that I am not allowed to spend on anyone but myself.  I won’t listen, and I’ll spend most of it on the kids anyway, but it’s a nice thought.

5. A fireplace screen that my cats can’t get into.  I’d like one with doors, but they tend to be a bit pricey. If you catch one with doors on sale, please let me know.

6. Sheets.  If you can find them to match This Bed Set all the better.

7. A case for my dance sword.  I’ve been told that archer’s bags (for bow and arrows) are a good idea as long as you pad the bottom so the sword doesn’t tear through it.

8. A large French Press, either 8 or 12 cup.  Again, I don’t have anything specific that I want, just something nice.  I’m tired of only being able to make one cup of coffee at a time.  When we have guests, I’d like to be able to make more.

That’s all I can think of for now.  Again, if this is helpful, great.  If you have no intention of getting gifts for me anytime soon, then ignore this post.  I just wanted to see the list written out, and figured I’d put it out where people could see it just in case they asked.

EDIT: This post will be updated randomly as I think of things.  Keep checking back if you’re looking for ideas.

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Bucket List

Some one sent me this in an email, and instead of forwarding it to a bunch of soon to be irritated people, I decided to share it here.  So here it is… things I’ve done in my life time.

Have you…

  • Shot a gun… Yes
  • Gone on a blind date… No
  • Skipped school… No.  I know, I’m such a square!
  • Been to Canada… Nope, parents went without me.
  • Been to Alaska… No but I’d like to.
  • Been to Cuba… No
  • Been to Europe… Yes, England
  • Been to Las Vegas… *Grumbles* No
  • Been to Mexico… No, but I’m not sure why not.
  • Been to Florida… Yes, multiple times.
  • Been to California… Lived there for two years
  • Been to Maine… Nope
  • Been on a plane… Dad used to work for American Airlines, so yeah.
  • Been on a Cruise Ship… No, but that’s another thing I’d like to do
  • Been on a one day Lake Cruise Ship… No
  • Served on a Jury… Yeah
  • Been lost… Many times
  • Been on the opposite side of the country... Opposite of what?  I live in Texas. I’ve been in both California and New York.
  • Gone to New York City… Yep. Again multiple times.
  • Swam in the Ocean… Yes
  • Cried yourself to sleep… Yeah
  • Played Cops and Robbers… Yes
  • Played Cowboys and Indians… Yes, but aren’t those the same games?
  • Sang Karaoke… Yes
  • Paid for a meal with coins only… Fast food meal, but yeah.
  • Made prank phone calls… Not in a long time, but yes.
  • Laughed until some beverage came out of your nose ... Probably
  • Read the Bible completely through... Not yet.  Maybe some day.
  • Caught a snowflake on your tongue… Yes
  • Danced in the rain… Yes
  • Written a letter to Santa Claus… Yes
  • Been kissed under the mistletoe… Yes
  • Watched the sunrise with someone… Yes
  • Blown bubbles… Hasn’t everyone?
  • Gone ice skating… Yes
  • Gone skiing… *Groan* and discovered it was not my thing at all, yes.
  • Camped out under the stars… Yes
  • Seen something so beautiful that it took your breath away… Yes, Grand Canyon did it first, then both of my children.
  • Are or have been married... Married for six years.
  • Have children… Two beautiful kids
  • Have / had a pet… Yes, we have Jack and Bonny, our insane cats.
  • Been skinny dipping outdoors… Not in a very long time, but yes.
  • Been fishing…  Once.  And I don’t like fish.
  • Been boating… Yes
  • Been water skiing... No
  • Been hiking… Yes
  • Been camping in a trailer/RV… No, always took a tent.
  • Flown in a small 4-seater airplane… Yes, my aunt and uncle’s plane.
  • Flown in a glider... No
  • Been flying in a helicopter... No
  • Been flying in a hot air balloon… No, but I want to!
  • Been BUNGEE-jumping… No, never appealed to me.
  • Gone to a drive-in movie… If I ever did I don’t remember.
  • Done something that should have killed you… No?  I can’t think of anything.
  • Done something that you will regret for the rest of your life… Done things that I wish I could take back, yeah.
  • Been to Africa... No
  • Ever ride an elephant… You know what?  I haven’t.  I’ve been on a camel, but not an elephant. Maybe I’ll take Ash on the elephant next year at Scarborough Faire.
  • Ever eaten just cookies for dinner… Maybe. (Don’t judge me)
  • Ever been on T.V. Yeah.
  • Ever steal any traffic signs... No.  Should I have?
  • Ever been in a car accident… Yes.
  • Had a nickname... Yes
  • Name Ever been in the local paper… I’ve been in group photos in the paper, yeah.
  • Ever been to Asia… No
  • Ever been to Australia… No, but some day.
  • Been ski-diving… No
  • Favorite drink: Non-alcoholic… Cherry Limade
  • Tattoos… One, on my back
  • Do you drive a 4-door vehicle… Yes
  • Favorite number... 3, 6, and 9
  • Favorite holiday… Halloween
  • Favorite dessert… Chocolate
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What did you expect?

Um… hi there.  So, I know it’s been forever and you all want to know how everything went after we had the baby and I swear I was just about to get around to telling you, but then life got in the way and… I have a baby… and a toddler…

Oh never mind.

I spent the rest of the day after having Anwyn drugged out of my mind.  Really, I couldn’t tell you anything that happened that day.  I was released a few days later.  The end.

But it wasn’t the end.  After getting home I took my sweet time healing, and ended up getting a uterine infection 5 weeks later.  That was one of the most horrific experiences ever, because apparently a sign that you might have an infection in there is that you bleed.  Lots of sudden blood.  I thought I was dying and my husband rushed me to the hospital only to find out they couldn’t see anything actually wrong with me.  The Dr. the next day determined that I had an infection and gave me medicine.  The whole thing seemed rather anticlimactic in the end.

Anwyn is huge.  Well, she’s normal, but to me she seems big.  She giggles and coos and makes weird faces when she farts and does all those wonderful silly things that babies are supposed to do.  She loves bath time and hates tummy time.  She will be four months old at the end of the month, and I think she might be getting her first tooth because she has suddenly decided she has to gnaw and drool all over everything.  She hasn’t rolled over yet, but I think she’s strong enough to.  She rolls onto her side and just stays there.  I can’t leave her on her tummy long enough for her to roll onto her back because my ears can’t handle the noise she makes when I try, and nothing in the world will convince her to roll from her back to her tummy.  So she rolls onto her side and makes silly noises and I’ll just have to accept that.

She’s so strong already.  Her legs, arms, neck, everything is perfect.  She doesn’t have the motor skills to do half of what she wants to, and you can see her trying to work that out sometimes.  She’ll watch Ashton do something and try to mimic him, figuring out how he does it.  She has started to show interest in other babies and kids.  She giggles and talk to them.  The only trouble is, she doesn’t seem to understand that the ones on t.v. can’t respond to her.  So by the end of most shows that feature kids she’s yelling at the television, determined to get their attention.  It’s kind of funny  to watch.

That’s about all there is to tell, really.  I’m dancing again and loving it.  Aaron’s still hunting for a new place to work (he has a job, but would like something new).  Life is pretty much still going on the way it was before.  We just have one more person in it now, is all.

Speaking of the new person… it’s time for her to wake up.  Wish me luck!

What Blog?

Hey look!  A blog!  And it’s got my name on it and everything!  It’s like it’s mine or something.

Well shit.

I’ll be back soon.  I’m sure I have stuff to tell you, but I can’t for the life of me think of what it is.  Also, I’m not really coherent enough to actually tell you any stories anyway.  So… yeah.  Nothing to say, and not intelligible enough to say it if I did have something.  Which I don’t.  Really.

Wait… my mommy is in town helping me out this week.  She’ll take Ash up to Oklahoma next week so everyone can see him (they probably won’t get to at Christmas because I won’t want to travel with a new baby.  Plus the two of us usually take a trip up there in the summer anyway) So that’s something, right?

Oh, and I danced last weekend.  There are pictures.  It’s embarrassing.

I should probably go to bed now.

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Blog Fail

So things keep happening around me and I keep thinking, “I should totally blog about this,” and then I totally forget about it because I suck.  So, you would have more blogs if it weren’t for the fact that I am an absolute failure at all of this nonsense.  I’ll go back a few weeks and try to remember stuff:

First Scarby started.  For those of you not in the know, Scarborough Renaissance Festival started a few weeks ago.  We went opening day and saw lots of familiar faces.  Some of them were welcome, and some were very much not, but they were seen none the less.  My bestest friend saw her ex, and it triggered a huge turning point for her.  This is a good step.  He seems to have a profound and unhealthy effect on the women he dates, but that’s really not the point.  Anyway, the point is a good time was had by all.

The next day I spent with my in laws while Aaron spent the entire day out at Scarby again (this time to work).  I got some crafty stuff done and such.  The rest of the week was not very eventful.  Friday came around and Lissa and I went to the Fort Worth Zoo in search of donkeys.  They didn’t have any, but we got some fun footage of animals and us being silly.  Ashton tried to run us both ragged while we were there.  My parents got to the house an hour or so after we did, and we all went out to dinner.  The night ended with Lissa and I desperately trying to finish editing footage from the previous week in a timely manner.  Not sure we were all that successful.  Aaron and Dad did other geeky stuff.

Next night was dinner with the whole family for my sister Tasha’s belated birthday.  I think that the restaurant was trying to immobilize us with all the food they gave us, but we managed to waddle out of the restaurant on our own.  We made mead that night.  And we stayed up LATE again.

Easter Sunday happened.  My parents left that morning, I spent the day with Aaron’s family (without him) and the kids ran around and wore themselves out.  I got Ashton a really cool Easter basket, which I failed to take pictures of because I suck like that.  It had some candy and a Cat in the Hat plush and the book.  He overlooked the stuffed animal at first, but now he’s sleeping with it and dragging it around.  Too cute.

I’ll do a whole other post about the pregnancy in a few days.  Just don’t have it in me right now.

Adventures in Mommy-hood

I really have nothing of interest to say here, but I have an amusing story and have not posted in a while, so here goes.

On Saturday the 14th Ashton spent the night at his aunt Judy’s.  There’s no great mystery as to why, so I won’t go into the gory details here.  Aaron went to teach class that afternoon, and as Ashton napped I got his bag prepared for an overnight stay.  In the process I snuck his glow worm out of bed and set it in the side pocket of his bag.  The last I had checked it had still been there.

Aaron came home from class, rested a few minutes, and headed out to drop off the small child while I stayed home and made myself pretty for the party we were going to.  (Some friends were celebrating their 20th anniversary.  And you thought we stayed home and did something naughty, didn’t you?)  We went out, had a great time, and life was good.

The next day Aaron’s parents went and picked up Ash so that we could go and have our real date.  We went and saw Coraline which was awesome and wonderful and much creepier than I expected.  We then went to the in-laws to have dinner and hang out.  On our way out that evening I looked everywhere for Glow the Glow Worm.  She wasn’t in his play room, nor was she in his bag.  Gerry said that she hadn’t seen Glow, and that she was probably still at Judy’s.  We stopped over there (a whole block away) and asked where they thought the toy might be.  They hadn’t seen it either, and didn’t remember it being in the bag.  I spent the whole drive home fretting that we had lost her.  We got home, put the sleeping boy in his bed, and there, sitting on the pillow, was the stupid Glow Worm.  He had seen her in his bag and put her back where she belonged.  Crisis averted.

He doesn’t really need the Glow Worm to sleep, I guess.  It’s become like a security blanket, and at home he uses it as a second night light (his room can get kind of dark).  But I didn’t want to find out what putting him to bed without her would be like.  Thankfully I don’t have to.

I need maternity jeans.  My belly is out growing my pants, and if it doesn’t have drawstrings or elastic bands, I don’t wear it.  The only pair of jeans I really wear anyway have gotten just slightly too tight, and I’ve been wearing them with a rubber band.  I’m tired of rigging my clothing so that it fits.  I have maternity clothes (that I’ve gotten back out recently) but as far as pants go, everything is summer wear.  I have shorts, and Capri’s.  No jeans.  This needs to be remedied.

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Amusing Conversations

We have not been drinking.  Let me make that perfectly clear.  Lissa and I have been hanging out tonight (to make up for the lack of hanging out Friday night) and things have gotten slightly out of hand.  Just now my husband told me he was going to head to the “Bed Womb” and go to sleep.  Lissa even commented about how we have a wardrobe in there now for extra storage, and how considerate that was of me.

Maybe I should back up a bit.

Even though I am NOT A KNITTER I seem to be spending a considerable amount of time on Ravelry.  There is a group of rubberneckers on there that are really good for a laugh sometimes.  Somehow this thing came up.  Really I can’t imagine why anyone would want one of these, let alone want to knit one.  I made the comment that I do not want one of these, but Lissa seemed to think that I desperately need one.  I can’t seem to express strongly enough that this is not the case.  Thanks to this (and everyone refusing to take my side in the matter, because apparently everyone needs a cuddly womb) a plethora of bad puns have ensued.

Aaron “What’s wrong with multiple wombs?  We live in a three womb house.”

Lissa “It’s true that studies show people are more comfortable in a multiple womb home.”

You can see how this could continue to be something painful and mind-numbingly STUPID!  The puns hurt my head.

Also on the schedule for tonight has been royally screwing with my new friends head.  See, Lissa felt that I didn’t have enough play things, so she introduced me to her friend Gavin.  He’s amusing, to say the least.  I have yet to break his brain, but not for lack of trying.  Lissa is convinced that it isn’t breakable.  This just means I’ll have to try harder.  (To be fair I haven’t really tried yet.  Have mostly been getting a feel for what kind of person he is, and I think he’s been doing the same with me.  She advocates that he’s a horrible person, but he seems nice so far.  We’ll see.)  Tonight we decided to gang up on him tonight, which has proven to be both fun and educational.  Mostly for him.  He’s getting to see some of my true colors.  Because up until now I’ve been a precious sweetheart, and have yet to threaten him.  This has all changed.

I think I may have to hit him.  He lives in Kentucky.  This could be a problem.

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Brief Dialog From Bed

Last night it was a bit cold in our room.

Aaron:   Stop trying to suck away all of my warmth!  Let me warm up a bit first and then I’ll warm you up.  I’m almost there.

Me        *Sulks, waits a couple of seconds, and curls back around husband*  Are you warm yet?

Aaron:   No!  Be patient.

Me:        But you said you were almost there!  You lied!  You’re a liar.  If you were wearing pants they would be on fire.

Aaron:   Oh and you would just love it if my pants were on fire, would you?

Me:       Yes!  Then you’d be warm!!!

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Too Cute

Awww.  I said that I would update weekly and you people actually believed me?  That’s just precious!

So there will be proper content later on.  Stuff that is not about my political views.  Actually I’ll probably have a giant picture post regarding Halloween night.  Maybe not.  Who knows.

For now I have a precious little story to share.  (Mommy blog alert!  You have been warned)  My darling little boy has not been taking the best naps lately.  It’s making my life a bit more… exciting than usual.  Today I set him down for his nap, shut the door, and left him in there to figure it out as I usually do.  This is the only method that seems to be any success at all.  As usual just a few short minutes later I could hear him playing and making a mess in there.  I waited until the noise stopped (about 20 minutes?) and went to check on him.

His grandmother on my husband’s side gave him this nifty little push car thingie for his birthday last year.  It’s based on Winnie the Pooh and has lots of buttons and pulleys and horns and such, so it makes plenty of noise.  There is no off switch.  It’s his favorite toy.  He was apparently playing on it when a nap attack finally overtook him.  I opened the door to his room, found that he had emptied his diaper bag and made a general mess of it (he knows that there are sometimes snacks in there) and then fell asleep riding his Pooh car.  He had put his head down on the wheel, and passed out.

I really wish I had thought to grab the camera before I picked him up and put him to bed.  As it is you’ll just have to imagine it.  Sometimes he’s just so cute!  I’m fairly certain this is why we keep him around.

More real content later.  Eventually.

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