Odd Pregnancy Dream

I have two real honest to goodness posts that I need to make.  But because I can’t be bothered with it, I’ll put up a quickie for you all instead.

Last night I dreamt.  I really hate it when this happens, typically.  I dreamt that I woke up with both my son and my husband in bed beaming at me.  I asked what was going on and Aaron told me, “You had the baby in your sleep.  All by yourself, and you didn’t even wake up!  She was so beautiful!”

I found it odd that he used the the past tense so I commented on it.  He looked embarrassed and admitted that he had called the doctor.  “You were asleep and I didn’t know what to do.  I knew she was still kind of early.  They asked if the umbilical cord was still attached and when I said yes they told me to put her back in.  Walked me through it and everything.”

I nearly killed him.  He then went gushing on about how pretty she was and how she was already so big.  He couldn’t wait for me to meet her.  I started crying and then I woke up.  I was still kind of pissed at him when I was awake, and had to remind myself that this was only a dream.

I am so done with this.

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