What Blog?

Hey look!  A blog!  And it’s got my name on it and everything!  It’s like it’s mine or something.

Well shit.

I’ll be back soon.  I’m sure I have stuff to tell you, but I can’t for the life of me think of what it is.  Also, I’m not really coherent enough to actually tell you any stories anyway.  So… yeah.  Nothing to say, and not intelligible enough to say it if I did have something.  Which I don’t.  Really.

Wait… my mommy is in town helping me out this week.  She’ll take Ash up to Oklahoma next week so everyone can see him (they probably won’t get to at Christmas because I won’t want to travel with a new baby.  Plus the two of us usually take a trip up there in the summer anyway) So that’s something, right?

Oh, and I danced last weekend.  There are pictures.  It’s embarrassing.

I should probably go to bed now.

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St. Patrick’s Day Story

We went to Austin this weekend and had a wonderful and exhausting time with my folks, and I will be happy to give you a play by play… later.  For now I have a story to share.

A few years ago Dallas stopped doing their St. Patrick’s Day parade.  Isis and her dancers would dance in it every year, and the last time they did it was my first and last St. Patrick’s Day parade to be in.  I was sad that they didn’t continue it, because it was a lot of fun.  The parade was filled with some fantastic acts, dancers and musicians alike, and I think everyone really enjoyed it.   The next year we heard that Fort Worth would be putting on a parade for the day of green, so we decided to check it out.

It was probably one of the more offensive parades that I’ve ever seen.  Admittedly, there wasn’t much that was Irish about it.  Mostly it was a parade of people riding horses through the street wearing green.  Now, I understand that this was in the Stock Yards, but some other representation would have been nice.  While this was all rather boring after a while, it wasn’t that insulting.  That was right at the very beginning.  The entire parade opened with a gentleman wearing a red kilt.  With a bagpipe.  Playing Scotland the Brave.

If you don’t know why this would or could offend someone, then I’m not going to explain it to you.  I would suggest you go read up on Irish history.  Pay special attention to the bit about their loving relationships with the Scottish.

Edit:  There used to be a family friendly parade that went through part of downtown Dallas.  This is not to be confused with the “parade” that happens at night on Greenville Ave.  This is more of a block party and for adults only.

I Would Post Something, But…

It’s 8:00 am on a Sunday morning. If it weren’t for the toddler in our lives, I wouldn’t acknowledge that this hour even exists. Hell, I barely acknowledge it now. I just feed him and curl up to die on the couch while he uses me as a jungle gym typically.
Today he’s not even here. He spent the night with his “Lala” and Grandpa last night. That in and of itself is an exciting tale, one with drama, heroism, and monsters. And bowling… but again, none of this is important right now.
So why am I up rambling at this hour? Because in a short while I will be heading out to the Grapevine Convention Center to help them set up for today’s show. Tonight is the Christmas Hafla.
I will be performing in both the 3:00 show and the 5:00 show. My solo and Mulit-Cultural Team piece will both be in the 5:00 show. Class piece is sometime after 3.
Tickets at the door are something like $12 I think. The whole thing kicks off at 1:00.
So really, that’s it. Just wanted to pimp the show out really quick before I go and die.
To put a nice little cherry on top of all of this? I seem to be sick. My brain is trying to leak out my nose. Whenever I sneeze it tried to take the short route out my ears. It’s lovely. I’m going to go drug myself so I’m extra perky for my performance this afternoon (P.S. almost every drug in the world puts me to sleep. Seriously, it’s kind of annoying).
See you all there, unless you don’t live in Texas, then lord only knows when I’ll see you.

This Year in Fail

Last year I actually put together a list of new years resolutions.  I know, silly.  I really don’t like them, but I manage to do one almost every year with every intention to follow through.  I do try to come up with stuff that’s actually attainable, but it’s still easy to let yourself down to some degree.  So here is my rundown of my success for the year.  I know I still have a month left, but I fail to see how any of these can be accomplished in 30 days.

– Go to yoga more regularly.  I’ve been really having issues getting back into the habit. I was really good about this one.  Up until October I went almost religiously.  But due to medical and personal issues, I have had problems going for the last couple of months.
– Change my eating habits.  This one is already in process, I just need to stick to it. I’ve mostly stuck to it, but not as well as I probably should have.  It’s just so easy to run and grab fast food when you’re busy with a two year old.  But for the most part I try to be a good girl.
– Work on feeling better about my body.  Do we see a theme here? I have no idea how successful I was with this.  My body has been strange and weight seems to be yo-yoing.  My main concern is the tummy that Ashton left behind.  It’s been two years and I still can’t seem to work any of it off.
– Come to terms with the Damsels, and strive to help make them better.  I think there may be some changes that need to be made, not just talked about.  And a few very serious conversations need to be had.  I’m not looking forward to this one. We have completely revamped the Damsels, and have taken most of the year off to work on various stuff.  This is one resolution that has been done, and is still in progress.
– Dance better, if I can.  I need to strive to be more creative in my choreography. I try.  I think my routines are starting to look… routine.  I seem to be in a rut as far as dancing goes.  But I’ve joined the Multicultural Team at the studio, so I think that will help me with different styles.
– Dance at a nursing home event.  I need to know when they are.  I’ve never actually done one. I still haven’t done one.  I never know when they are.
– Hang out with more than just three or four friends all the time.  I love these people dearly, but we have friends that we’ve not seen in a long time.  I think it may be time to try and strengthen those connections. We’ve tried, but haven’t been very good about this.  All of our socializing have been with the same group of friends.  But we have seen a few other friends this year.
– I would like to try and be pregnant at the end of this year.  Don’t know exactly when we’ll start trying, but some time and the end of this year. Unless I get pregnant this month, this one is down the drain.  This was my biggie, and I really was hoping to be pregnant by now.  I hoped that the second pregnancy would be easier than the first, but we discovered that I had to be medicated again just to have a regular cycle.  This is a major factor in any mild depression I’ve been feeling lately.
– I think I would like to make a non-holiday visit up to Oklahoma to see everyone. Mom and I seem to be making a yearly summer visit up there with Ashton.
– Go camping without going to a Ren Faire.  I’ve wanted to go camping for the sake of camping for ages. Yeah… no.  I only went to one Ren Faire this year where I camped anyway.  Someday…

So that’s my year end success rate.  I’m sure I’ll put up my new year resolutions within the first week of 2009, but for now I have no idea what those might be.

Ash Teaches Class

Ok so this is another quickie.  We were up at Isis Studios on Saturday rehearsing for the Christmas Hafla and getting ready for the audition.  We brought the boy with us because we really didn’t think ahead and get a baby sitter.  Ashton has learned to open doors.  Simply shutting all the doors to the places we don’t want him going no longer works.  My life is over.

So we were in our rehearsal space which is attached to a hallway that leads to the kitchen as well as the main classroom.  Ashton found his way into the classroom and was greeted by about twenty or so women.  Those of you who know my son are aware that he is just the shyest kid on the planet.  Those of you who have never met him, look around you at the people who have.  See how hard they are laughing right now?

The lovely lady who was warming up the class invited Ashton onto the stage to help her warm them up.   He hopped up there and relished in the attention.  He tried a few stretches, seemed to favor the squat, and was sent back to me when Isis was ready to take over the class.  The rest of my rehearsal time was spent chasing him around, trying to keep him from his room full of adoring fans, and attempting to get at least some rehearsal time in.  I went home, put him down for a nap, and had a friend come over to watch him (Thanks Lissa!) while I went back to the studio for my audition. Ashton Teaches ClassOne of the girls was nice enough to take a picture for me with her phone.  Thank you Amy.

There will be a real post soon.  Probably instructions on how to make a horrible cookie, smore, marshmallow… thingie.  I’ll let you know how they turn out.

Weekend of Long Neverending-ness


So it started when I got an insane idea.  You see, Friday night is veggie night.  My friend Lissa comes over for dinner and she is a vegetarian, so we have special dinners.  I’m getting tired of Indian inspired meals, baked veggies, and pasta.  I needed something different this week.  So what do I do?  I go pull the sushi book off the shelf that has been sitting there for years.  And yes, I made, or at least attempted to make, sushi.

The rice was a bitch.  Let me just tell you that right up front, making sushi rice is just a not very pleasant experience.  You cook the rice, which is no big deal.  You make the vinegar stuff, which is do-able.  You combine the two, constantly mixing with one hand and fanning with the other to get the rice to room temperature.  Both of you hands fall off.  Aaron came home, Lissa showed up, and together we made some very messy looking vegetarian sushi (cucumber rolls, avocado, asparagus, and tofu) but all of it was tasty!  Ok, so I don’t know how to pick out an avocado (I’ve never been a big fan of the stuff) and I managed to get the hardest one in existence, but aside from that it was very tasty.  The wasabi might have been a bit… um… intense.  But that wasn’t my fault!  It was the only pre-made brand that they had!  After dinner was over we had some dessert, and watched America’s Next Top Covergirl, followed by some time looking at this site.  Full of sugar and drama, we decided to make my birthday cup-cake-cake (for a party the following night).  After looking at Cake Wrecks, we decided to make our own.  I have to say that this was an incredible success.  It was definitely a wreck:

cakewreckIsn’t it perdy?

Saturday was busy, but wasn’t too bad.  I had a rehearsal that afternoon, followed by a Multicultural meeting.  Our cane routine is looking so awesome and cute and precious and all those other things that make me jump up and down and make little girlie noises.   After that I ran home as fast as my little tires would carry me and got ready to leave.  We went to Aaron’s Aunt Judy’s home and dropped off the small child and went partying.  The party was graciously hosted by our very good friends Matt and Angie, and was a split party.  Another friend was celebrating her birthday as well.  There was booze and cake and Rock Band and… and… the Jello Shots.  To be honest I don’t remember a whole lot after that.  I’d imagine that a good time was had by all.

Sunday was a day of rest.  I was soooooooo tired (and not hung over at all.  Nope, no sir, not me.  Stop laughing!) and blissfully my husband let me sleep until an obscene hour which we will not discuss here.  Then we went to “breakfast” and headed back to Judy’s to pick up the boy.  We then went to the In-Law’s and had dinner and watched a very silly movie.  We picked up Journey to the Center of The Earth with the 3D glasses and all, but it was a bust as they only gave us two pair and they were kind of crap anyway.  But it was a fun movie even if it was boring old 2D.  Then we went home and passed out.  And everyone lived happily ever after.

Yes I’m alive

I know, I know, I’ve been neglecting you all.  I warned you that this would happen.

I don’t really have anything exciting to share with you lately.  The only thing going on in my life is attempting to make Ashton understand what the potty is for.  I can’t begin to tell you how exciting that is.  Yesterday I put him down for a nap and when I checked on him he had pulled both his pants and his pull ups off.  Thankfully nothing was wet.  I’ve discovered that pull ups are considerably more expensive than regular diapers.  It may be time to convert to cloth trainers.  That should make my life interesting.

I belong to a group called the Drunken Damsels.  We are a naughty wench act that roams around North Texas and sings at small Ren Faires.  If you are in or around the area of DFW and looking for an interesting act for your next event, give us a buzz over at The Drunken Damsels.  Now that I’ve gotten the plug out of the way, I can get back to the point.  We are working on recording some stuff.  The cd will be called “Just a Taste” and will have six tracks on it.  It’s a garage band recording, so nothing fancy, but we certainly are having fun with it.  Word of advice: if you plan on recording, don’t share three or four bottles of wine before doing so.  It doesn’t work out well and you end up with some interesting blackmail material.  Moving on.

I’m a belly dancer.  No really, I swear!  I’ve been dancing for over 6 years now.  I know this isn’t really that interesting to most of you, but I’m quite excited.  The studio I belong to has recently started a Multicultural Dance Team.  The purpose of this team is to learn the traditions of different Middle Eastern cultures and dances.  So we get to do the research, and create the choreographies, and then teach it to the rest of the team.  Then we can go to schools, libraries, and museums to give demonstrations.  I’m really looking forward to it!  We will have a featured segment in the upcoming Christmas Hafla in Grapevine TX.

Speaking of belly dancing, I will be performing this weekend, and I’m barely ready.  Like, half the routine is me faking it, but I don’t care.  It’s really the musicians that are being featured here, as it is an entirely new piece.  I can’t wait for everyone to see it (or, I guess in this instance, hear it).

So that’s been my life.  Singing, dancing, and toddler potties.  I guess I don’t need it to be any more exciting.

Yaa Halla Y’all 2008

You don’t have to read all of this. It’s going to get long and I apologize for that. It was a really long weekend.

Friday Lissa was kind enough to come over Thursday night and spend Friday with Ashton while I went to workshops and Aaron went to work. She kicks booty! So I went to the convention center and started my day with Artemis. Wow that girl is a nut. She covered Turkish dance styles, and gave a lot of comparisons to Egyptian style. There was a bit of a history lesson added in. I got some really good information and a few great combinations from her class. And she was full of bad innuendos. When she talked about hip positions, she referred to bringing the pelvis forward as midnight (clock analogy). The statement “We like to dance in midnight” was made a few times. She also commented about stealing dance moves from films in the Turkish porn shops. Word of advise… if you’re going to be taking a workshop on the Turkish dance styles, take it easy on the water. Gulping it down and then bouncing like crazy does bad things to the bladder. I’m just saying.

The afternoon was spent with Bozenka. This is what I will forever refer to as the Shimmy of Death class. It was great to get work on technique like that… but my legs were crying by the end. I went home after the second class and died, only to get ready to do it all again the next day.


We started the morning by dropping Ashton off at his grandmother’s house for the rest of the weekend. This was at stupid-o-clock in the morning, so that we could be at the convention center before 9:00

First thing in the morning I had Rachel Brice. I’m not a morning person, so I’m not sure this was the best idea, but there wasn’t much choice. Rachel is brilliant! Seriously, go look her up on youtube. You’ll be impressed. Go on, take a look. Did you see her? Told you so! Anywho… she focused on isolation work, which few people have her level of skill when it comes to isolation. I learned in that class that Rachel can be a bit… morbid. She talked about imagining a platter of your favorite things on your head. For her it would have been a human skull and some candles and stuff. Yeah… the goth looking tribal chick is morbid… who would have guessed? Later when she used the analgy again, she brought up the fact that you could own a human skull in Texas, but you can’t talk on the phone in your car. I guess people have to have their priorities. (Oh and a word of warning, she is completely and utterly addicted to coffee. She somehow ended up with two cups at the same time and was sucking them both down.)

Her workshop was wonderful. Painful, but wonderful. She gave some pointers about what separates American Tribal Fusion from Oriental influenced dance. When talking about the difference in the arms, she made Tribal sound scary, I think she used the term swamp monster, but I could be remembering wrong. The routine she taught just about killed me when she had us go at full speed with the music. Again, I got a few really good combinations from her.

Fatiem. Ok I’ll admit, I skipped her workshop. After Bozinka the day before, and Rachel Brice that morning, I could barely move. Sorry Fatiem. I’ll make it up to you next time you’re here, promise. Instead I went shopping. Found some amazing veils, and fell in love with a sheer black silk. About this time I realized that I had not packed clothes for the show that night (didn’t want to sit and see the show in my workout clothes) so when Aaron’s drum workshop ended we went to the house to chill out and get dressed.

The show that night was wonderful. There was a People’s Choice competition to start off with. Some of them were wonderful, the one I remember the best was Kede (which cracked me up completly! She deserved to get runner up.) but the girl who won was amazing. Just beautiful. Then the stars came out. Aziza was great, Rachel was beautiful, they were all wonderful, but there was one that stood out. Zoe Jakes was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I haven’t felt this way about a dancer since I saw Rachel Brice for the first time. And while they are comparable in skill, Zoe is far more dramatic. She would just stop moving so fast that the entire audience would gasp. Aaron said it was like watching stop motion. I’ve never seen anything like it. I couldn’t find any good videos of her, nothing that really shows how amazing she is in person. Just, wow.

Aaron was sweet enough to get me the veil I wanted before the show. By the end of the show it was missing from where I had set it (under my chair). I was so upset that I actually went home and cried. Ok, so I cried about a few things that have been bothering me for a while, but that triggered it.


Sunday never ended. We got there late because we couldn’t wake ourselves up. I didn’t dance in the first workshop hardly at all. I just sat at a back table, ate breakfast, and took notes. Angelika Nemeth was the teacher. She didn’t work on technique much, she just dove straight into a choreography. I have to admit, I wasn’t a fan of it. The way it was arranged, it didn’t do anything for me. Having said that… I took more notes in her class than I took from anyones else. I could see the way she put things together, and in some cases was able to see how I could modify them, or alter them for my own use. I think that I may have taken more from her class than I did anyone else. And she’s really nice too! (I got to talk to her a bit backstage during the show that night).

Aziza kicked my ass. Seriously… I’ve taken from her before and I don’t think she’s ever killed me like that. It was a beautiful routine, but the foot work was hard for me to keep up with. I’m not exactly a new dancer, so I can’t imagine how the girls who’ve only been dancing for a little while felt. Some of the movement felt a bit unatural for me (she would leave movements incomplete so that the feet could go right into the next transition. It looked amazing though) and it was hard for my stubborn feet to understand. I still love her though, and will always take her classes when she’s in town. I got pulled aside by some of the people who had heard about me losing my veil the night before. I was informed that a black silk veil still in the package had been turned in to lost and found that morning. I was saved! After that all was right with the world.

That night was the shows. I did a cane routine with the class, which was such a disaster. The wrong cut of music got put on, and our canes were not even together. But the foot work and movements themselves were dead on, so that’s good. I knew that the canes were not going to be as good as we would have liked. Next I had my duet with my friend Michelle. We kicked ass! We turned the Karen Barbie choreography Lulu into a skirt routine. It looked great, and everyone said we looked like we were having a blast up there. YAY! After that it was the Performance Company in Babylon Attitude. Just before we went on stage my body started to cramp up (down stairs department) and I had to keep myself from running off stage when it was over. I wanted so badly to be out of that costume. I also wanted pain pills, which my lovely Nana Rose (Lynda) provided for me. Bless that woman!

After the whole mess was over we helped break everything down, pack it up, and went to dinner with Isis, Del, and all of the stars from the weekend. We didn’t get home until close to 3:00 am. It was hard, and miserable, and exhausting, and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

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