Unique Traditions for Easter

When Ashton was two years old, celebrating his third Easter, we decided to do things a bit differently.  This was the first year that he would have a proper basket, and I wanted to make sure it was something special.  At the time Kohl’s had these wonderful Cat in the Hat stuffed toys, so we got him the stuffed animal and the book to match.    Sure, there were a few toys, some candy filled eggs, and the like, but the center piece was the book and the stuffed toy.  Since then, we’ve decided that we would make Easter a holiday of books.  Last year, Ashton received a copy of Where’s My Cow along with a cute little fluffy cow, and Anwyn got a Pat the Bunny book and toy set.

This year, Anwyn is getting a nursry copy of Peter Rabbit (a shortened version, for little ones) and a matching stuffed animal.

The copy of Peter Rabbit plus cookies and candy.

Some sidewalk chalk, but only because it has poka-dots.

They each got new water bottles.

For Ashton, I found a copy of The Giving Tree, but didn’t really have a good idea for what to pair it with.  So Aaron is going to run to Home Depot, where we found some apple tree saplings for a good price.  Ashton is going to get to help plant his own apple tree in the yard as an Easter gift.

This includes all of the same things that Anwyn’s basket did.  Switch out the chalk for a deck of Go Fish cards and they’re practically identical.  I added an apple to Ashton’s basket, to go along with the tree and the book.  Both baskets also include a windmill, because the kids love them and they were less than a dollar a piece.

I hope everyone have a fantastic weekend, no matter what they celebrate.

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My Heart Will Go On

The good news is that I was not slaughtered in my sleep shortly after Thanksgiving.  I have been alive and well.  The bad news is that I’m lazy and forgetful and when something happens in my life it doesn’t even occur to me to tell you about it here.  I’ll throw a little blurb up about it on Facebook, and be done with it.  If it is too long for Facebook, I think “I guess I could blog about it,” and then something shiny gleams off in the distance and I wonder off distracted.  So here’s a drive by update…

Christmas Hafla was wonderful and exciting.  I messed up at least one part of every routine I was in.  It irked me.  Everyone else did beautifully, though.

Christmas was exhausting.  We drove to Norman, OK, came home, and drove down to Beaumont, TX all within a week.  Because we’re not very bright, I guess.

Since then there have been random gatherings, haflas, and other small events that are of no interest to you.  At some point (probably years from now when I remember again) I’ll tell you about our adult trip to Disney World, which was wonderful.

Scarborough Faire started this weekend.  I’m not dancing at all this year, but I’ll enjoy going out to play.  Aaron will be on the Ivanho stage a few weeks to drum for the belly dancers.

Every once in a while I think about getting a private blog somewhere and putting my private thoughts there.  Somewhere that is just mine, where no one else can find it.  Where I can post whatever I want and no one can complain.  This way I can get things out of my system, without the fallout of exploding at people.  But it would never last.  I’d eventually have to tell someone about it, and then the whole thing would fall apart and I’d have to give it up.  I’m only good at secrets for a short period of time.

So I’m still breathing, the kids are still doing well, and I owe you a post about Disney World.  That about sums it up.

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