A Day At The Farm

There is a place near by called Green Meadows Petting Farm (I don’t think it was a permeant location, I think it travels around with the animals).  We took the kids to it and had a wonderful day.  They had a hay ride, maze, and allowed the kids to pick out a pumpkin.  There were several animals that the kids got to pet, including baby chicks, ducklings, kids (goats), calfs and piglets.

I got to hold a baby chicken.  It was really neat, but those suckers are stronger than they look.  It did not want to be held, and had no issues expressing as much.  They let us feed the goats, which was an interesting experience.  When they put the feed in Ash’s hand, he threw it down where the goats could reach it.  He would not let them eat out of his hand unless one of us was right there with him.  Anwyn was only somewhat interested in the goats, and was much more concerned that we wouldn’t let her eat the goat feed.  She nearly had a fit when the goat did lick her hand… apparently she doesn’t like the feeling of goat saliva on her.  Ashton got to milk a cow.  He said it was really cool, but had a worried look on his face the whole time, and I’m fairly certain that he only said that because he thought we expected it.

The last thing we did before picking out a pumpkin was the maze.  Ash led us through it with very little issue the first time.  Then he had to do it again, to explore all of the other options.  Then he wanted to go through it backwards (which is when we told him it was time to pick a pumpkin and go home).

There are several photos over at the flickr site, so feel free to check them out.  Most are from our trip to see the animals, but there are a few random ones at the end.

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