All About Cats

A few weeks ago my mother and I took the kids up to Oklahoma to visit family.  We saw the kids’ great grandparents, and I finally met my Aunt Cyndi and Uncle Pat’s kittens.

Kitten might be a bit of a stretch.  They are about a year old, and huge!  They have two beautiful Siberians and I think they might be the most spoiled cats I have ever met.  Observe…

First, their living room toys.  

Then, the tower.  

Next to that, the window shelf that Pat built.  

And the ramp to the loft that he built for them.  Not to mention all the baskets of toys they had.  So, as I said, spoiled.  But if we had cats this beautiful, I might be inclined to spoil them as well…Not to say that our cats are not lovely.  And since we do love and want them to be happy (and want Bonny to stop climbing the walls) I was inspired to come up with something myself.  We already had carpet in the garage, so I found a cheap bookcase and altered it a bit.This is what the original should look like.  We had to do some hack work to make it sturdy enough for two hyper cats. So we added boards to the back to brace it a little bit.
I cut holes in the shelves and added carpet.

When the whole things was done the cats seemed quite pleased with their new toy.

After all the pain and frustration this thing caused, if they didn’t play on it, I might have strangled them.

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