Aaron Runs, And Blogs

My darling husband has started a blog of his own.  It’s at this link and is about his running experience.  He is doing a program called couch to 5k.  This blog (he says) is to keep track of his progress, keep him honest, and probably to talk about other things in his life.  Mostly he feels he has something worth blogging about (I guess he didn’t have that before.  A girl could take offense to that).

So, go visit, give him your support, and maybe even find out just what it is about this man that I love so very much.

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To My Father

Anyone who knows me knows how much I’m like my mother.  If it weren’t for her, I have no idea who I would be.  She’s given me drive, passion, and one hell of a sharp tongue.  I am so grateful to her for so many things.

It’s not always obvious that my father and I have much in common.  Our personalities are not as identical as my mother an I.  But when I think about it, he gave me so much.  So for fathers day, I have to say to my dad, thank you.

Thank you for being so protective over me.  For teaching me how to defend myself both physically and mentally against anything that might come my way.  Thank you for preparing me for whatever might happen.

Thank you for showing me how to live my life without fear of anything.  For showing me how to move forward with my dreams and desires.  For teaching me to believe that anything I want is well within my reach.

Thank you for all of the hard work you did to make sure your children had a good life.

Thank you for showing me what a husband and father should be.  For giving me a wonderful guideline in choosing my own husband.  And thank you for being as kind a father to Aaron as you have always been to me.

Thank you for being an amazing Grandfather to my two kids.  For always striving to entertain them.  For always lighting up their faces.

Thank you for all the love, wisdom, and joy you have given us.  Thanks for everything you have shown us.  Thank you for the amazing places you have taken us, the art and music you have shared with us, and the experiences that you have made possible for us.

Thank you.

(Of course now I’m going to hear it from my mom.  All she got for mother’s day was a phone call.  I guess I’ll have to make up for it next year.  Hopefully she’ll forget by then.)

Bucket List

Some one sent me this in an email, and instead of forwarding it to a bunch of soon to be irritated people, I decided to share it here.  So here it is… things I’ve done in my life time.

Have you…

  • Shot a gun… Yes
  • Gone on a blind date… No
  • Skipped school… No.  I know, I’m such a square!
  • Been to Canada… Nope, parents went without me.
  • Been to Alaska… No but I’d like to.
  • Been to Cuba… No
  • Been to Europe… Yes, England
  • Been to Las Vegas… *Grumbles* No
  • Been to Mexico… No, but I’m not sure why not.
  • Been to Florida… Yes, multiple times.
  • Been to California… Lived there for two years
  • Been to Maine… Nope
  • Been on a plane… Dad used to work for American Airlines, so yeah.
  • Been on a Cruise Ship… No, but that’s another thing I’d like to do
  • Been on a one day Lake Cruise Ship… No
  • Served on a Jury… Yeah
  • Been lost… Many times
  • Been on the opposite side of the country... Opposite of what?  I live in Texas. I’ve been in both California and New York.
  • Gone to New York City… Yep. Again multiple times.
  • Swam in the Ocean… Yes
  • Cried yourself to sleep… Yeah
  • Played Cops and Robbers… Yes
  • Played Cowboys and Indians… Yes, but aren’t those the same games?
  • Sang Karaoke… Yes
  • Paid for a meal with coins only… Fast food meal, but yeah.
  • Made prank phone calls… Not in a long time, but yes.
  • Laughed until some beverage came out of your nose ... Probably
  • Read the Bible completely through... Not yet.  Maybe some day.
  • Caught a snowflake on your tongue… Yes
  • Danced in the rain… Yes
  • Written a letter to Santa Claus… Yes
  • Been kissed under the mistletoe… Yes
  • Watched the sunrise with someone… Yes
  • Blown bubbles… Hasn’t everyone?
  • Gone ice skating… Yes
  • Gone skiing… *Groan* and discovered it was not my thing at all, yes.
  • Camped out under the stars… Yes
  • Seen something so beautiful that it took your breath away… Yes, Grand Canyon did it first, then both of my children.
  • Are or have been married... Married for six years.
  • Have children… Two beautiful kids
  • Have / had a pet… Yes, we have Jack and Bonny, our insane cats.
  • Been skinny dipping outdoors… Not in a very long time, but yes.
  • Been fishing…  Once.  And I don’t like fish.
  • Been boating… Yes
  • Been water skiing... No
  • Been hiking… Yes
  • Been camping in a trailer/RV… No, always took a tent.
  • Flown in a small 4-seater airplane… Yes, my aunt and uncle’s plane.
  • Flown in a glider... No
  • Been flying in a helicopter... No
  • Been flying in a hot air balloon… No, but I want to!
  • Been BUNGEE-jumping… No, never appealed to me.
  • Gone to a drive-in movie… If I ever did I don’t remember.
  • Done something that should have killed you… No?  I can’t think of anything.
  • Done something that you will regret for the rest of your life… Done things that I wish I could take back, yeah.
  • Been to Africa... No
  • Ever ride an elephant… You know what?  I haven’t.  I’ve been on a camel, but not an elephant. Maybe I’ll take Ash on the elephant next year at Scarborough Faire.
  • Ever eaten just cookies for dinner… Maybe. (Don’t judge me)
  • Ever been on T.V. Yeah.
  • Ever steal any traffic signs... No.  Should I have?
  • Ever been in a car accident… Yes.
  • Had a nickname... Yes
  • Name Ever been in the local paper… I’ve been in group photos in the paper, yeah.
  • Ever been to Asia… No
  • Ever been to Australia… No, but some day.
  • Been ski-diving… No
  • Favorite drink: Non-alcoholic… Cherry Limade
  • Tattoos… One, on my back
  • Do you drive a 4-door vehicle… Yes
  • Favorite number... 3, 6, and 9
  • Favorite holiday… Halloween
  • Favorite dessert… Chocolate
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