Haunted Ebay

This is not a post updating you on my family or anything like that.  You just got one of those.  If you come here for a baby fix, go look at the flickr account.  This is something else all together.

I was looking at Regretsy (great site, by the way.  You should totally click that) and came across this really strange doll.  I thought to myself, surely this is not a normal kind of thing.  This person just has a random doll that they don’t like and want to make some money on.  As it turns out, they, um, collect haunted dolls.  And they seem to only collect sexually perverse dolls.  Or they only sell sexually perverse ones.  For lots of money.  Either way, this is not a normal occurrence, right?  WRONG!

Apparently there’s a rather considerable market for possessed dolls on Ebay.  I looked up haunted dolls and got pages.  So I have a few questions…

Why should we believe that they are haunted.  Wouldn’t they be all over the news or Syfy channel? These seem to be very active dolls, so why haven’t we heard about them before?  Maybe you should try to catch some of their “behavior” on video so that the buyer knows what they’re getting in for.

Who on Earth would want to purchase a doll that they know to be haunted?  Wouldn’t that be kind of creepy?

Why are the most evil and sexually perverse dolls the most expensive?  Seriously.  It like saying “This doll will give you nightmares and destroy your stuff.  You should pay me at least $100 for it.  Maybe $200.”

My favorite part… many of these post say that you should be sane of mind if you intend to purchase one of these dolls.  Somehow I don’t see that happening.

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So Much To Say

Life has been insane lately.  Isn’t it always?

Aaron is continuing to love his new job.  They love him back.  It seems they are always bragging on him and acting as if he were something special.  Of course he is, and they are just recognizing him for the awesome guy he is.  Things are going well there.

Ashton started school, and he loves it.  They’re ok with him.  He’s still not sure how to handle himself in school sometimes, but he is getting better.  He goes to HEB Music and Dance which is a preschool that combines academics and fine arts.  I love it.

Anwyn has teeth and knows how to use them.  In related news, we are starting to ween her off of the breast and trying to get her to switch to a cup.

This week was the fist week of Scarborough Faire.  We had fun the first day as a family.  We walked around, did some light shopping, saw people we hadn’t seen in a year, and enjoyed a beautiful day.  I found a couple of new shops that I’m sure I will be visiting again before the season end.  Ashton had fun in his pirate costume, and Anwyn had a new dress to show off.  This was her first time at this faire, but not her first faire all together.  We spent a day at Sherwood Forest Faire in March, where she got the lovely dress (it’s a shirt that is too big for her) that she wore this weekend.  When we made it around to the Bellydance show, we found out that they were going to need a drummer for the next day (the drummer that was supposed to be there had a family emergency and we send our love and well wishes to him and his loved ones).  Aaron agreed to do it, increasing the number of days that he would be playing this year to six.

The next day Aaron left early with his brand new costume, while the kids and I took our time getting ready.  I wanted to go out to see Aaron debut the new costume that his mother just finished for him (she outdid her self.  It’s beautiful).  I dropped them off with their Lala and Grandpa, and I headed out to faire on my own.  I forgot how much fun I could have just wandering around the faire grounds by myself.  I would occasionally meet up with a friend to walk around with for a while, I would stop at different booths to say hi to people, I got to have a drink.  It was extremely nice.  Aaron seemed to have a good day as well.  By the time we went to pick up the kids, Ash was asleep and Anwyn was starting to get irritated (tired or wanting to nurse, I’m not sure which).

I’ve updated my flickr account finally, so go check out the new pictures.  My sister in law Beth took some pictures of the kids at faire on Saturday, so I stole them off of her Facebook and put them on my flickr.  Go look and enjoy (scroll down, right side of page).

Today we have an appointment to get our taxes done, and I have no idea what we’re going to have for dinner.  Or when we’re going to get to the grocery store.  Yay!  It’s faire season!

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