Because Jess Kicks Ass!

I got my tummy made all pretty!

I remember not long after having Ashton seeing a website with several pregnant women with henna on their tummies.  I cursed myself for not thinking of doing it, and swore up and down that with my next pregnancy that I would have it done.  I brought this up to a friend of mine who said she would do it for me, and so it was agreed that next time I became pregnant, she would henna my belly.  I wanted it toward the end of my pregnancy, so July seemed like the logical time to get it done.  So we set a date, and I ordered the supplies.  On Saturday she came over.

Sadly, because I have no idea what I’m doing and have never done any henna work outside of my friends hair, I had no idea how long it should set before we used it.  I thought a couple of hours would suffice, but was told afterwards that 12 was a much safer amount of time.  So Jessamyn’s amazing artwork was rather light colored when all was said and done.  Regardless, she did an amazing job.

That evening we went to Aaron’s parents’ house for his sister’s birthday party.  Everyone loved the henna work, but we noticed as it was flaking off that it was, in fact, going to be too light a color (as I said before).  So when we got home we got the left over henna out of the freezer, and set it out for the next day.  Sunday afternoon after we finished up at the grocrey store, Aaron took the bag and traced over Jessie’s design.  Thankfully he did a great job, and the henna was considerably darker this time.

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