Because Jess Kicks Ass!

I got my tummy made all pretty!

I remember not long after having Ashton seeing a website with several pregnant women with henna on their tummies.  I cursed myself for not thinking of doing it, and swore up and down that with my next pregnancy that I would have it done.  I brought this up to a friend of mine who said she would do it for me, and so it was agreed that next time I became pregnant, she would henna my belly.  I wanted it toward the end of my pregnancy, so July seemed like the logical time to get it done.  So we set a date, and I ordered the supplies.  On Saturday she came over.

Sadly, because I have no idea what I’m doing and have never done any henna work outside of my friends hair, I had no idea how long it should set before we used it.  I thought a couple of hours would suffice, but was told afterwards that 12 was a much safer amount of time.  So Jessamyn’s amazing artwork was rather light colored when all was said and done.  Regardless, she did an amazing job.

That evening we went to Aaron’s parents’ house for his sister’s birthday party.  Everyone loved the henna work, but we noticed as it was flaking off that it was, in fact, going to be too light a color (as I said before).  So when we got home we got the left over henna out of the freezer, and set it out for the next day.  Sunday afternoon after we finished up at the grocrey store, Aaron took the bag and traced over Jessie’s design.  Thankfully he did a great job, and the henna was considerably darker this time.

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Silly Conversations

Aaron’s reaction to losing an argument: “Oh yeah?  Well you’re just still upset that a house fell on your sister.”

I was a little confused and disturbed about this statement.  So I responded with, “So I’m Elphaba now?  Maybe I should be mad that someone dropped a house on my sister.  Or more importantly, maybe I’m upset that someone used my sisters tragic demise to try to gain a political foothold and enslave and manipulate my people.  Did you ever think of that?  Maybe I’m just frustrated and tired of being profiled because I have an unfortunate skin condition and a severe allergic reaction to water.  And maybe, just maybe, you’d be a little grumpy too.  I’m not a wicked witch, I’M A POLITICAL ACTIVIST!!!”

Aaron just stared at me for a few minutes.  “You know?” he finally said, “That insult was a whole lot funnier before Wicked came out.”

Later on, Aaron was playing this zombie game that he’s found online.  I was ready to start another episode of Dexter, and I was waiting on him.

“Are you in there shooting zombies again?  That’s just so rude.”

“What?  I’m just sitting in my house, chilling, and these zombies come banging my door down!  What am I supposed to do?”

“You don’t even give them a chance!  You have no idea what it is they need.”

“They’re banging down my door!”

“And your automatic response is to shoot them.  You don’t even try to talk to them, do you?  Didn’t even occur to you, did it?”

*Stares in disbelief for a few seconds* “I’m just sitting there and they come banging down my door and come at me and I’m all like ‘Whoa, guys, lets talk about this’ and they keep coming and I’m all ‘look back up and lets talk or I’ll have to shoot’ and they don’t and so I have to shoot them.  It’s not like I want to.”

“Well, maybe it’s just a language barrier.  You simply don’t understand each other and you aren’t even willing to try!”

“I’m sorry, I don’t speak “Uuungh!”

Yeah.  That’s how my night has been.

There was another funny conversation in there somewhere, but I don’t remember it.  Maybe I’ll tweet it later.

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My mother has been in town since Monday helping me out getting the nursery ready.  We got a few things done, went on a few shopping trips, and got all of Ashton’s clothes all boxed up and ready to be given away.  It was wonderful having her here.  The best bit was when she first arrived.  Ash greeted her with open arms, then immediately looked past her and demanded to know where Grandpa Dude was.  That made her feel all warm and fuzzy.

Friday night we skipped the usual TV fest and went to Arlington where they were having a festival for the fourth of July, only they did it on the night of the third.  Aaron had to be out in that area anyway to reserve the family’s “spot” for the parade (a long standing tradition.  Aaron and his father and usually a few cousins spend the night on the sidewalk so we have the best seats for the parade the next morning) and the rest of us dragged picnic munchies and chairs out and hung out at the festival.  It was well done, they had free bounce houses, a cute little petting zoo, and lots of other activities.  There were free concerts at the pavillion, including the headliner for the evening, Fastball.  As soon as I remembered why I knew that name (shut up, I’m pregnant) I was very excited to see them live.   I was also surprised to learn that I knew more than just one of their songs!

The pavillion has a really pretty fountain that the kids played in.  Ash got to run around in it, and because I didn’t think to pack any swimmer diapers, we just had him in a regualr pullup.  So by the time he was done playing (rather, we were done with him playing) his pants were desperatly trying to fall off, and he was running around with one hand holding them up at all times.  It was funny as all hell.

They put on a fireworks dispaly during Fastball’s intermission.  It wasn’t the most amazing display I’ve ever seen, but it was nice.  Ash had a good time, family seemed to have a good time, and Lissa had a great time, so to say a good time was had by all is a bit reduntant.

The next day we saw the parade, which was fun.  We went home and relaxed (and Aaron washed the street off because WHEW!) and ate lunch.  Dad made it into town so we got to visit with him for a bit.  Then we went to Judy’s for early dinner, and headed from there to get ready for fireworks that night.  We watch the fireworks in Bedford (because that’s where we live, duh) and join friends of ours at Isis Studios because it’s a great place to watch from!  Charles and Zoe met us there, and there were a few kids, all between the ages of 2 and 4, so they all kept pretty entertained.  The fireworks were wonderful, and by the time they were over I was ready to pass out.  Ash went right to sleep after bath, so we must have worn him out as well.

Mom and Dad packed up themselves and Ashton this morning and headed out.  Mom and I usually take a summer trip to visit Oklahoma family, but this year I can’t travel.  So Mom and Dad are going to take Ash up there to see everyone.  My little boy is going to be gone for four whole nights.  They’ll come home Thursday and I’m really not sure how to feel about that.  On the one hand it will be relaxing to not have to keep up with him for a week, but on the other hand I’m gonna miss my little boy.  We’ll see how it goes.

I’m sure he’ll have a blast.

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What Blog?

Hey look!  A blog!  And it’s got my name on it and everything!  It’s like it’s mine or something.

Well shit.

I’ll be back soon.  I’m sure I have stuff to tell you, but I can’t for the life of me think of what it is.  Also, I’m not really coherent enough to actually tell you any stories anyway.  So… yeah.  Nothing to say, and not intelligible enough to say it if I did have something.  Which I don’t.  Really.

Wait… my mommy is in town helping me out this week.  She’ll take Ash up to Oklahoma next week so everyone can see him (they probably won’t get to at Christmas because I won’t want to travel with a new baby.  Plus the two of us usually take a trip up there in the summer anyway) So that’s something, right?

Oh, and I danced last weekend.  There are pictures.  It’s embarrassing.

I should probably go to bed now.

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