The Big Bad Fall

Friday was a bad day.  Aaron and I had a rather significant disagreement; I had a bad pregnancy, over emotional day; and Ashton had to have his head glued back together.

Aaron went to a baseball game Friday night.  Ashton was supposed to go with him, but things didn’t work out, there were communication issues, and basically the whole thing left me rather peeved.  Aaron had not been home to spend time (other than dinner) with Ash since Tuesday, and… well… see the previous overemotional pregnancy statement.  I was unhappy.

So, around 4:30 Ashton was being a little crazy and wired and running in circles around the living room.  Well, he lost his balance (as toddlers do) and managed to put his head into the corner brick of the fire place.  I saw the fall, but didn’t quite register what had happened.  When he started crying he looked fine, so I told him to come to me and comforted him for a second.  When his crying only got worse I pulled back to take a look and that’s when I panicked.

The side of his face was covered in blood.  My shoulder was covered in blood.  The couch still has a few spots of blood that I didn’t get out.  I took him to the bathroom to get him cleaned up (hyperventilating the whole way) and finally managed to see the cut.  It was deep as hell and I was afraid he would need stitches, but I didn’t want to go to the emergency room unless I was certain, because that’s really really expensive.  I called Aaron and luckily he was close to the house (having left work  early to meet his dad for the game).   He swung by the house, took a look at his son’s bleeding forehead, which had slowed considerably, and declared that we probably ought to go to a doctor.  I always had the mindset that stitches = hospital, but Aaron had another idea.

We discovered that the CareNow clinic down the road from us is awesome!  For any little emergency like this I will certainly be using them in the future.  Seeing as how my son is fearless and insane, I can only pray that it won’t be too often.  They checked him out, cleaned him up, and used some kind of bonding agent on his wound.  He wasn’t happy about the whole thing, but he behaved wonderfully, all things considered.  He didn’t struggle too much, and he only cried toward the end of the visit when he was just tired of being held still.  They gave him stickers (which are apparently the way to his heart these days) and told us to come back in a few days for a follow up.  Aaron, having done all he could do, gave Ashton a kiss and went on his way to meet the rest of his entire family for the ball game .  (I know, right?)   Lissa came over and we watched tv, ate ice cream, and bitched about how much men suck.

The next day Aaron felt that we should have a family day.  Considering the looks he got when he arrived home the night before, I’m surprised he wanted to be anywhere near me, but I didn’t argue.  The plan was to check out the King Tut exhibit at the Dallas Art Museum.  We got there, payed $10 to park, and got in line for tickets.  The next available showing wasn’t until 6:30, and somehow the idea of waiting until then just didn’t appeal (it was only about 12:30).  We wondered about what we could do instead (having already payed for parking) and remembered that the Dallas World Aquarium was down the road a piece.  So after a nice long walk, we went to one of the best indoor zoological exhibits I’ve ever been to.

Deciding that the day was going to be all about Ashton, we also went over to Gamestop to get him his own game.  He has discovered the game systems, and the game Aaron’s been playing lately is Grand Theft Auto.  We were both disturbed one morning when we were getting ready and heard gun shots coming from the living room.  It was then that we decided that he should probably have access to a more child friendly game.  So we went and picked up Spyro, which he doesn’t really have the hang of, but he can make it do some stuff and that’s enough to entertain him for a few minutes at a time.  He still tries to play GTA but we keep putting it away higher and higher.  We’re seriously considering finally getting a Wii.

I have pictures of the glued cut on his forehead that we took today, but I can’t seem to find the cable that hooks the camera to the computer, so I can’t download anything.  Which sucks, because I have pictures to put on flickr and there’s nothing I can do about it and I’m sad now.

UPDATE:  OK so I found the cable that attaches to the camera exactly where I had left it.  Apparently it’s a magic disappearing cable, because I looked in that spot several times and it wasn’t there, but when Aaron looked he found it right away.  I told him it was magic and that it had been hiding from me and he just gave me one of those looks that says that he thinks I’m pregnant and insane.  So… the link to our flickr is down at the bottom of the side bar.  Go check out my poor little boy and his ouchie.


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