A Trip to Austin

A few weeks ago we went to Austin to visit my folks.  Yes I know, I should have written a blog entry about it as soon as we got home.  Well, I’m forgetful and lazy, so you can just bite me.

We decided to head out the night of Friday the 13, because Aaron would rather get there tired then get up early and start the drive tired.  This was the first weekend of many spring breaks around Texas.  It was also close to the beginning of South by SouthWest.  Needless to say, there were a whole lot of people headed into or around Austin that night.  Traffic was insanely stupid, a bit wet, and I think we waded into the traffic of at least a couple of accidents along the way.  Not to mention that we were trying to leave DFW on a Friday night at the tail end of rush hour.  Fun times.

Somewhere around 10:30 we got there.  Ashton was still awake (which I couldn’t believe.  I was sure he’d pass out around 9) so getting him to sleep now that we were somewhere exciting and new was fun.  He got to spend all three nights that we were there in my parents room, because their guest room has room for the Murphy bed and that’s about it.

Saturday Mom and I went shopping.  Dad and Aaron stayed home with Ashton and played video games.  They might have gone out and done something, but I truly don’t remember.  Mom and I got some new maternity pants (yay I have jeans!) and a few extra shirts.  Most of the shirts that I already owned were tank tops, so the t-shirts we found on sale at Motherhood Maternity were a major find.  We also grabbed a few new outfits for Ashton(of course), including something for his Easter pictures.

Sunday we went to brunch and then to the children’s museum in down town.  We had to walk around the area that held SXSW and noticed a severe lack of small children.  Lots of people were sitting around with computers in their laps, and we had to work hard to restrain Ashton from attacking them.  He loves computers.

The museum was… exciting.  All the loud and hyper kids!  Ashton discovered that he loves trains now, something we weren’t really aware of.  He ran himself ragged and finally fell asleep in the car not long before we got back to the house.  That evening we went out for burgers (to a really cool spot right on the water of the lake) and went for a walk.  The area my parents live in has lots of natural parks and beautiful scenery.  It had been raining so Ashton got COVERED in mud.  Fun times.

Getting him to bed any night that we were there was not a fun adventure.  He wanted to come see what we were doing, go play on his Grandma’s keyboard, or generally run up and down the stairs some more.  Monday we headed home.  Mom and Dad followed us to Waco, and Ashton got to ride with them.  We stopped off at the zoo and spent about 2 1/2 hours wandering around.  The car seat was returned to our car and we parted ways.  The kid was out like a light before we got to West.  He woke up about 20 minutes before we pulled into our driveway, so our drive home was rather peaceful.

You can probably expect another entry about local events soon (maybe even today).  This seems long enough for one post.

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