Adventures in Mommy-hood

I really have nothing of interest to say here, but I have an amusing story and have not posted in a while, so here goes.

On Saturday the 14th Ashton spent the night at his aunt Judy’s.  There’s no great mystery as to why, so I won’t go into the gory details here.  Aaron went to teach class that afternoon, and as Ashton napped I got his bag prepared for an overnight stay.  In the process I snuck his glow worm out of bed and set it in the side pocket of his bag.  The last I had checked it had still been there.

Aaron came home from class, rested a few minutes, and headed out to drop off the small child while I stayed home and made myself pretty for the party we were going to.  (Some friends were celebrating their 20th anniversary.  And you thought we stayed home and did something naughty, didn’t you?)  We went out, had a great time, and life was good.

The next day Aaron’s parents went and picked up Ash so that we could go and have our real date.  We went and saw Coraline which was awesome and wonderful and much creepier than I expected.  We then went to the in-laws to have dinner and hang out.  On our way out that evening I looked everywhere for Glow the Glow Worm.  She wasn’t in his play room, nor was she in his bag.  Gerry said that she hadn’t seen Glow, and that she was probably still at Judy’s.  We stopped over there (a whole block away) and asked where they thought the toy might be.  They hadn’t seen it either, and didn’t remember it being in the bag.  I spent the whole drive home fretting that we had lost her.  We got home, put the sleeping boy in his bed, and there, sitting on the pillow, was the stupid Glow Worm.  He had seen her in his bag and put her back where she belonged.  Crisis averted.

He doesn’t really need the Glow Worm to sleep, I guess.  It’s become like a security blanket, and at home he uses it as a second night light (his room can get kind of dark).  But I didn’t want to find out what putting him to bed without her would be like.  Thankfully I don’t have to.

I need maternity jeans.  My belly is out growing my pants, and if it doesn’t have drawstrings or elastic bands, I don’t wear it.  The only pair of jeans I really wear anyway have gotten just slightly too tight, and I’ve been wearing them with a rubber band.  I’m tired of rigging my clothing so that it fits.  I have maternity clothes (that I’ve gotten back out recently) but as far as pants go, everything is summer wear.  I have shorts, and Capri’s.  No jeans.  This needs to be remedied.

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