Because Who Really Wants Pepto Bismol For a Holliday?

Last week the flower catalogue came in the mail.  We get one every year, and every year Aaron orders the same two dozen red roses.  (Clearly he doesn’t get the exact same roses, as those would be looking rather sad after all of these years.)  As lovely as they are, this year I decided to tell him to pass on it.  Our budget is a bit tight lately and there is little point in spending $40 to $50 on flowers that are going to sit on our cluttered dinner table and die.  I told him if he insisted on getting me something, to get something I could use.  I would love some beading needles, a tatting shuttle, and some tatting thread.  All of this would probably cost no more than around $15 and is much more useful than some dead flowers.  It seems much more practical to me.

Last weekend we went to the grocery store and as we passed the holiday isle I wanted to retch.  It was even pinker than the Barbie isle at the toy store, and filled with more nauseating crap.  There’s boxes of waxy chocolate, scratchy cheap stuffed animals, and all sorts of other completely useless crap.  I remember being younger and thinking that all of this stuff was so cute and surely a sign that a guy cares.  Now it all looks like an after thought or a desperate attempt from someone who has no idea what you would actually want or like so he’s getting you the cheesiest piece of fluff he can find.  And dear heaven is some of this stuff cheesy!  A toy monkey that says “I’m bananas for you,” all kinds of other animals who simply say “I love you,” and don’t even get me started on the damn things that sing and dance.  Seriously, how is “A Hunk of Burning Love” romantic?  Sounds a lot like VD to me.  And no, by VD I do not mean Valentines Day.

So the question is, have I gotten cynical?  Is it from age?  Is it from being in a committed relationship for this many years?  Does it come with becoming a parent?  Or was this stuff always this cheap and crappy and I just now noticed?  I wonder if I’m the only one who feels this way.

Hey look!  I made it a whole post without mentioning Ashton!  (Oh shit.  Never mind.)

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  1. In my opinion you are not being cynical and you are not alone! I believe we think this way because we are older, in committed relationships and yes probably because you have a child too. You are aware that holidays have become less about the meaning of the day and more about what can be consumed. We live in a consumption driven economy that is reaching rock bottom and they are throwing every trick at us that they can. Most will fall for it but like you I would rather stay home, cook a nice meal, and enjoy each others company. That is my ideal Valentine’s Day!

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