Come On Dude

My son has interesting names for his grandparents.  He’s two years old and his speech has never been the best (not for lack of talking and trying).  He’s brilliant in several other areas.  His problem solving skills are high for his age, his social skills are rather up there, and he’s got the best rhythm of any two year old I’ve ever met.  He just doesn’t speak all that clearly.  He’s getting considerably better, but the words “Grandma” and “Grandpa” are a bit tricky.

This was just fine with my mother in law, Gerry.  She wanted to be called Nana.  Everyone was ok with this, except Ashton.  Somehow Nana morphed into Lala.  It’s stuck.  She is now Lala, and she loves it.  Her husband Jay wanted to be Grandpa Jay.  So far all he gets is Pa, but he loves Ash so much that I’m not sure he really cares.

He’s really started to make an effort with my mother.  Some days she’s Ahma, and some days she’s Rama.  This is an improvement over the pointing and mumbling incoherently that he used to do.  With my father it’s been a bit tricky though.  We can’t decide if he’s a grandpa or a papa.  Ash seems to have solved this dilemma for us.  He has taken to calling my father “Dude”.

To be perfectly fair, it’s Dad’s own fault.  For some impossible to understand reason, whenever my father gets around my son he starts talking like a surfer from Southern California.   Trying to count the number of times that the word “dude” comes out of my father’s mouth between the time he walks through my door and the time he walks out again is a daunting task that no one in their right mind would attempt.  Recently Ashton started repeating the word after him and giggling insanely.  This last weekend when they came to visit, Ashton decided that this must be this man’s name.   We were all standing in the kitchen, getting things ready for dinner, and Ashton ran in, grabbed my dad’s hand, and said, “Come on, Dude.”  Everyone killed themselves laughing.

So there you have it.  We have Lala and Pa, and we have Grandma (however he’s going to pronounce it this week) and Dude.  But the question is… is he a Grandpa Dude, or a Papa Dude?

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