I Would Post Something, But…

It’s 8:00 am on a Sunday morning. If it weren’t for the toddler in our lives, I wouldn’t acknowledge that this hour even exists. Hell, I barely acknowledge it now. I just feed him and curl up to die on the couch while he uses me as a jungle gym typically.
Today he’s not even here. He spent the night with his “Lala” and Grandpa last night. That in and of itself is an exciting tale, one with drama, heroism, and monsters. And bowling… but again, none of this is important right now.
So why am I up rambling at this hour? Because in a short while I will be heading out to the Grapevine Convention Center to help them set up for today’s show. Tonight is the Christmas Hafla.
I will be performing in both the 3:00 show and the 5:00 show. My solo and Mulit-Cultural Team piece will both be in the 5:00 show. Class piece is sometime after 3.
Tickets at the door are something like $12 I think. The whole thing kicks off at 1:00.
So really, that’s it. Just wanted to pimp the show out really quick before I go and die.
To put a nice little cherry on top of all of this? I seem to be sick. My brain is trying to leak out my nose. Whenever I sneeze it tried to take the short route out my ears. It’s lovely. I’m going to go drug myself so I’m extra perky for my performance this afternoon (P.S. almost every drug in the world puts me to sleep. Seriously, it’s kind of annoying).
See you all there, unless you don’t live in Texas, then lord only knows when I’ll see you.


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