I should not be allowed to get creative when it comes to desserts.  We have clearly seen in the past that no good can come from it.  But yet, I continue with my mad concoctions.  This time it was my s’more cookies.  I promised that I would share with you, so here goes.  I do not write recipes, keep that in mind.

Pick up a box of graham cracker crumbs and follow the recipe on the side of the box for graham cracker crust (usually used for cheese cake).  I doubled the recipe so that I would have plenty.  Get yourself a muffin tin (this should make about 24) and spray it down with non stick spray.

What I did: I only lined the bottom of the tins so it would be more like a cookie.

What I should have done: Actually made little pies (or tarts) and lined the bottom and sides with graham cracker crust.

After those bake for however long the box says to, set them aside to cool and start making your marshmallow.  I used this recipe and it turned out lovely.  You will not need the powered sugar and corn starch, because you are not making actual marshmallows, but a filling  You want them to stick to your crust.  You will then fill the marshmallow cream into the little graham cracker shells.  Move quickly!!!  The marshmallow will start to set up and become very difficult to work with.  Set them in the fridge over night to set up.

The next day melt some milk chocolate.  Chips work best in my opinion, but it’s up to you.  I used a whole bag of chocolate chips.  No idea how much that was (already threw away the bag) but you get the idea.

What I did: I tried various methods to cover the cookies completely in chocolate.  After this failed impressively i just tried to dip the tops of the cookies in, and had a lot of marshmallow melt off in the process.

What I should have done: Since they would have had whole crusts around them, I should have just dolloped the chocolate onto the top (if you’re fancy you could probably use a piping bag, but you have to work fast so that it stays soft).  They would have been much prettier that way.

S'more Cookies

They’re not very pretty.  But damn, they taste awesome!


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