Ash Teaches Class

Ok so this is another quickie.  We were up at Isis Studios on Saturday rehearsing for the Christmas Hafla and getting ready for the audition.  We brought the boy with us because we really didn’t think ahead and get a baby sitter.  Ashton has learned to open doors.  Simply shutting all the doors to the places we don’t want him going no longer works.  My life is over.

So we were in our rehearsal space which is attached to a hallway that leads to the kitchen as well as the main classroom.  Ashton found his way into the classroom and was greeted by about twenty or so women.  Those of you who know my son are aware that he is just the shyest kid on the planet.  Those of you who have never met him, look around you at the people who have.  See how hard they are laughing right now?

The lovely lady who was warming up the class invited Ashton onto the stage to help her warm them up.   He hopped up there and relished in the attention.  He tried a few stretches, seemed to favor the squat, and was sent back to me when Isis was ready to take over the class.  The rest of my rehearsal time was spent chasing him around, trying to keep him from his room full of adoring fans, and attempting to get at least some rehearsal time in.  I went home, put him down for a nap, and had a friend come over to watch him (Thanks Lissa!) while I went back to the studio for my audition. Ashton Teaches ClassOne of the girls was nice enough to take a picture for me with her phone.  Thank you Amy.

There will be a real post soon.  Probably instructions on how to make a horrible cookie, smore, marshmallow… thingie.  I’ll let you know how they turn out.


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