This is Halloween

So another spooky day has come and gone.  But this was a rather important one.  It was important for me as a parent as well as a person who loves this silly Holiday.

For the first time since we got our own house I decorated the yard.  Oh sure, I had always put up spiderwebs before, but I’d never done anything to this degree.

You see, back when my siblings and I lived with our parents we did a huge (by school kids standards) yard haunt.  We put up tarps in the driveway to create an entrance, and would fill it with scenes of monsters, torture, and mourning over the dead.  The driveway led around to a fence to the back yard where we would have a full haunted graveyard scene.  It was wonderful.  All of our friends from school would come over and help us out.  Mom said that after we moved out kids would still come to her door Halloween night and ask why there was no haunted house.  It always made me very glad to hear that.

Now, the set up at this house is no where near that, yet, but one day I hope to have something that at least resembles the set up we had there.  img_0797



Some of this stuff we already had around the house.  I always try to keep a full bag of spiderwebs around, and the zombie coming out of the ground was from an old costume of Aaron’s.  The gravestones were new, but they were for a great price over at Walgreen’s, probably cheaper that I would have ever been able to make them for, and considerably nicer than the ones my brother and I made all those years ago.  We will (and already have) be checking the sales the day after Halloween to pick up more stuff.  At night it looked great.  We had replaced the standard light bulb in our porch light with a blue one, which cast a very eerie glow.  (My husband just about got killed over that bulb.  I asked him where I should go pick one up the day before Halloween, and he said to go to Party City.  The night before Halloween.  I barely made it through the door before I turned around and left again.  Silly man)  I sat on the porch with the candy in a black robe with the hood pulled down so no one could tell if I was a person or a prop.  Got a couple of kids really good with that one.

I also said that this was an important Halloween for me as a parent.  It was Ashton’s very first time to go Trick or Treating.  Aaron got to take him around and I got to hand out candy.  It apparently didn’t take him long to get the hang of things, and he even said trick or treat a few times (this is a child of few words).  Aside from him trying to go into the houses of strangers, it sounded like a success.  He brought back a fair amount of candy, but then who could resist that face?img_0808

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