Amusing Conversations

We have not been drinking.  Let me make that perfectly clear.  Lissa and I have been hanging out tonight (to make up for the lack of hanging out Friday night) and things have gotten slightly out of hand.  Just now my husband told me he was going to head to the “Bed Womb” and go to sleep.  Lissa even commented about how we have a wardrobe in there now for extra storage, and how considerate that was of me.

Maybe I should back up a bit.

Even though I am NOT A KNITTER I seem to be spending a considerable amount of time on Ravelry.  There is a group of rubberneckers on there that are really good for a laugh sometimes.  Somehow this thing came up.  Really I can’t imagine why anyone would want one of these, let alone want to knit one.  I made the comment that I do not want one of these, but Lissa seemed to think that I desperately need one.  I can’t seem to express strongly enough that this is not the case.  Thanks to this (and everyone refusing to take my side in the matter, because apparently everyone needs a cuddly womb) a plethora of bad puns have ensued.

Aaron “What’s wrong with multiple wombs?  We live in a three womb house.”

Lissa “It’s true that studies show people are more comfortable in a multiple womb home.”

You can see how this could continue to be something painful and mind-numbingly STUPID!  The puns hurt my head.

Also on the schedule for tonight has been royally screwing with my new friends head.  See, Lissa felt that I didn’t have enough play things, so she introduced me to her friend Gavin.  He’s amusing, to say the least.  I have yet to break his brain, but not for lack of trying.  Lissa is convinced that it isn’t breakable.  This just means I’ll have to try harder.  (To be fair I haven’t really tried yet.  Have mostly been getting a feel for what kind of person he is, and I think he’s been doing the same with me.  She advocates that he’s a horrible person, but he seems nice so far.  We’ll see.)  Tonight we decided to gang up on him tonight, which has proven to be both fun and educational.  Mostly for him.  He’s getting to see some of my true colors.  Because up until now I’ve been a precious sweetheart, and have yet to threaten him.  This has all changed.

I think I may have to hit him.  He lives in Kentucky.  This could be a problem.

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I should not be allowed to get creative when it comes to desserts.  We have clearly seen in the past that no good can come from it.  But yet, I continue with my mad concoctions.  This time it was my s’more cookies.  I promised that I would share with you, so here goes.  I do not write recipes, keep that in mind.

Pick up a box of graham cracker crumbs and follow the recipe on the side of the box for graham cracker crust (usually used for cheese cake).  I doubled the recipe so that I would have plenty.  Get yourself a muffin tin (this should make about 24) and spray it down with non stick spray.

What I did: I only lined the bottom of the tins so it would be more like a cookie.

What I should have done: Actually made little pies (or tarts) and lined the bottom and sides with graham cracker crust.

After those bake for however long the box says to, set them aside to cool and start making your marshmallow.  I used this recipe and it turned out lovely.  You will not need the powered sugar and corn starch, because you are not making actual marshmallows, but a filling  You want them to stick to your crust.  You will then fill the marshmallow cream into the little graham cracker shells.  Move quickly!!!  The marshmallow will start to set up and become very difficult to work with.  Set them in the fridge over night to set up.

The next day melt some milk chocolate.  Chips work best in my opinion, but it’s up to you.  I used a whole bag of chocolate chips.  No idea how much that was (already threw away the bag) but you get the idea.

What I did: I tried various methods to cover the cookies completely in chocolate.  After this failed impressively i just tried to dip the tops of the cookies in, and had a lot of marshmallow melt off in the process.

What I should have done: Since they would have had whole crusts around them, I should have just dolloped the chocolate onto the top (if you’re fancy you could probably use a piping bag, but you have to work fast so that it stays soft).  They would have been much prettier that way.

S'more Cookies

They’re not very pretty.  But damn, they taste awesome!

Ash Teaches Class

Ok so this is another quickie.  We were up at Isis Studios on Saturday rehearsing for the Christmas Hafla and getting ready for the audition.  We brought the boy with us because we really didn’t think ahead and get a baby sitter.  Ashton has learned to open doors.  Simply shutting all the doors to the places we don’t want him going no longer works.  My life is over.

So we were in our rehearsal space which is attached to a hallway that leads to the kitchen as well as the main classroom.  Ashton found his way into the classroom and was greeted by about twenty or so women.  Those of you who know my son are aware that he is just the shyest kid on the planet.  Those of you who have never met him, look around you at the people who have.  See how hard they are laughing right now?

The lovely lady who was warming up the class invited Ashton onto the stage to help her warm them up.   He hopped up there and relished in the attention.  He tried a few stretches, seemed to favor the squat, and was sent back to me when Isis was ready to take over the class.  The rest of my rehearsal time was spent chasing him around, trying to keep him from his room full of adoring fans, and attempting to get at least some rehearsal time in.  I went home, put him down for a nap, and had a friend come over to watch him (Thanks Lissa!) while I went back to the studio for my audition. Ashton Teaches ClassOne of the girls was nice enough to take a picture for me with her phone.  Thank you Amy.

There will be a real post soon.  Probably instructions on how to make a horrible cookie, smore, marshmallow… thingie.  I’ll let you know how they turn out.

Brief Dialog From Bed

Last night it was a bit cold in our room.

Aaron:   Stop trying to suck away all of my warmth!  Let me warm up a bit first and then I’ll warm you up.  I’m almost there.

Me        *Sulks, waits a couple of seconds, and curls back around husband*  Are you warm yet?

Aaron:   No!  Be patient.

Me:        But you said you were almost there!  You lied!  You’re a liar.  If you were wearing pants they would be on fire.

Aaron:   Oh and you would just love it if my pants were on fire, would you?

Me:       Yes!  Then you’d be warm!!!

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Weekend of Long Neverending-ness


So it started when I got an insane idea.  You see, Friday night is veggie night.  My friend Lissa comes over for dinner and she is a vegetarian, so we have special dinners.  I’m getting tired of Indian inspired meals, baked veggies, and pasta.  I needed something different this week.  So what do I do?  I go pull the sushi book off the shelf that has been sitting there for years.  And yes, I made, or at least attempted to make, sushi.

The rice was a bitch.  Let me just tell you that right up front, making sushi rice is just a not very pleasant experience.  You cook the rice, which is no big deal.  You make the vinegar stuff, which is do-able.  You combine the two, constantly mixing with one hand and fanning with the other to get the rice to room temperature.  Both of you hands fall off.  Aaron came home, Lissa showed up, and together we made some very messy looking vegetarian sushi (cucumber rolls, avocado, asparagus, and tofu) but all of it was tasty!  Ok, so I don’t know how to pick out an avocado (I’ve never been a big fan of the stuff) and I managed to get the hardest one in existence, but aside from that it was very tasty.  The wasabi might have been a bit… um… intense.  But that wasn’t my fault!  It was the only pre-made brand that they had!  After dinner was over we had some dessert, and watched America’s Next Top Covergirl, followed by some time looking at this site.  Full of sugar and drama, we decided to make my birthday cup-cake-cake (for a party the following night).  After looking at Cake Wrecks, we decided to make our own.  I have to say that this was an incredible success.  It was definitely a wreck:

cakewreckIsn’t it perdy?

Saturday was busy, but wasn’t too bad.  I had a rehearsal that afternoon, followed by a Multicultural meeting.  Our cane routine is looking so awesome and cute and precious and all those other things that make me jump up and down and make little girlie noises.   After that I ran home as fast as my little tires would carry me and got ready to leave.  We went to Aaron’s Aunt Judy’s home and dropped off the small child and went partying.  The party was graciously hosted by our very good friends Matt and Angie, and was a split party.  Another friend was celebrating her birthday as well.  There was booze and cake and Rock Band and… and… the Jello Shots.  To be honest I don’t remember a whole lot after that.  I’d imagine that a good time was had by all.

Sunday was a day of rest.  I was soooooooo tired (and not hung over at all.  Nope, no sir, not me.  Stop laughing!) and blissfully my husband let me sleep until an obscene hour which we will not discuss here.  Then we went to “breakfast” and headed back to Judy’s to pick up the boy.  We then went to the In-Law’s and had dinner and watched a very silly movie.  We picked up Journey to the Center of The Earth with the 3D glasses and all, but it was a bust as they only gave us two pair and they were kind of crap anyway.  But it was a fun movie even if it was boring old 2D.  Then we went home and passed out.  And everyone lived happily ever after.

This is Halloween

So another spooky day has come and gone.  But this was a rather important one.  It was important for me as a parent as well as a person who loves this silly Holiday.

For the first time since we got our own house I decorated the yard.  Oh sure, I had always put up spiderwebs before, but I’d never done anything to this degree.

You see, back when my siblings and I lived with our parents we did a huge (by school kids standards) yard haunt.  We put up tarps in the driveway to create an entrance, and would fill it with scenes of monsters, torture, and mourning over the dead.  The driveway led around to a fence to the back yard where we would have a full haunted graveyard scene.  It was wonderful.  All of our friends from school would come over and help us out.  Mom said that after we moved out kids would still come to her door Halloween night and ask why there was no haunted house.  It always made me very glad to hear that.

Now, the set up at this house is no where near that, yet, but one day I hope to have something that at least resembles the set up we had there.  img_0797



Some of this stuff we already had around the house.  I always try to keep a full bag of spiderwebs around, and the zombie coming out of the ground was from an old costume of Aaron’s.  The gravestones were new, but they were for a great price over at Walgreen’s, probably cheaper that I would have ever been able to make them for, and considerably nicer than the ones my brother and I made all those years ago.  We will (and already have) be checking the sales the day after Halloween to pick up more stuff.  At night it looked great.  We had replaced the standard light bulb in our porch light with a blue one, which cast a very eerie glow.  (My husband just about got killed over that bulb.  I asked him where I should go pick one up the day before Halloween, and he said to go to Party City.  The night before Halloween.  I barely made it through the door before I turned around and left again.  Silly man)  I sat on the porch with the candy in a black robe with the hood pulled down so no one could tell if I was a person or a prop.  Got a couple of kids really good with that one.

I also said that this was an important Halloween for me as a parent.  It was Ashton’s very first time to go Trick or Treating.  Aaron got to take him around and I got to hand out candy.  It apparently didn’t take him long to get the hang of things, and he even said trick or treat a few times (this is a child of few words).  Aside from him trying to go into the houses of strangers, it sounded like a success.  He brought back a fair amount of candy, but then who could resist that face?img_0808

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