Sometimes I Have a Moment of Clever

But it never lasts.

(Hey, I’ve got the hang of this whole picture thingie, wanna see?)

We got Ashton the new Big Boy Bed. He is sleeping in it just fine, as I said before, but he does have the small problem of rolling out of it on occasion. This is his bed…

Bed is no longer against window.  We found that this was a bad place for it.

Very pretty, but really provides no protection from falling out. So I started shopping for bed rails. They don’t really make them for toddler beds. At all. They are all too tall, too long, and just don’t work. So I got creative. As you can see the bed needs something. Right now it just looks awkward and not like a bed at all. It needs something to make it look more comfy. So I got a bolster for it.

Of course Ash wanted to help me take pictures. So I kindly asked him to move for mommy. This was the result…

Just precious. Moving on.

There. Much better. When we get his actual bedding it will look even better. But for now, not too bad. So to make this bolster work as a rail we sew scraps of fabric to the ends… as such…

Then tie them onto the front slats of the bed. So you have a bumper rail to keep you child safely in his toddler day bed.

Ta Da!

I promise I’ll do a post with real words one day.

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  1. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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